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Kumar R.;Bhaduri B.;Hennelly B.
Journal of Modern Optics
QR code-based non-linear image encryption using Shearlet transform and spiral phase transform
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Arnold transform image encryption QR code Shearlet transform spiral phase transform
© 2017 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group. In this paper, we propose a new quick response (QR) code-based non-linear technique for image encryption using Shearlet transform (ST) and spiral phase transform. The input image is first converted into a QR code and then scrambled using the Arnold transform. The scrambled image is then decomposed into five coefficients using the ST and the first Shearlet coefficient, C1is interchanged with a security key before performing the inverse ST. The output after inverse ST is then modulated with a random phase mask and further spiral phase transformed to get the final encrypted image. The first coefficient, C1is used as a private key for decryption. The sensitivity of the security keys is analysed in terms of correlation coefficient and peak signal-to noise ratio. The robustness of the scheme is also checked against various attacks such as noise, occlusion and special attacks. Numerical simulation results are shown in support of the proposed technique and an optoelectronic set-up for encryption is also proposed.
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