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Ade P.;Hornsby A.;Pascale E.;Sudiwala R.;Juanola-Parramon R.;Baccichet N.;Savini G.;Bracken C.;Donohoe A.;Murphy A.;O'Sullivan C.
2015 8th UK, Europe, China Millimeter Waves and THz Technology Workshop, UCMMT 2015
Progress in spectral-spatial interferometry at multi-THz frequencies - Potential applications
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© 2015 IEEE. Spectral-spatial interferometry pioneered in a narrow band in the near infrared has not enjoyed much exploitation as a technique. Proposed as a promising modulation method for a potential Far-infrared future satellite, a period of study was performed on two testbeds to improve and evolve this technique in the laboratory in order to simplify some of the technical aspects and the data analysis involved. Here we will present an update on the successful upgrade of a previous wideband millimetric (0.3-1.0 THz) testbed to a far-IR (11-14THz) one, as well as the ongoing progress on a broadband setup for an imaging system with a commercial thermal-or mid-IR (8 to 12 micron or 25-35 THz) camera currently working as imaging FTS. Source size, coherence and technical issues are discussed.
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