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Pétercsák R.;Donnellan B.
24th European Conference on Information Systems, ECIS 2016
Establishing the role of space in socio-material approaches to citizen innovation
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Information systems Practice Smart cities Space Value
In recent years a consensus has emerged in the field of Information Systems that in systems development a value-driven approach, the delivery of meaningful benefits (Doherty, et al. 2012:1) should be prioritized over an out-come based perspective. This need stems from many factors, from the formulation of a more open and inclusive design process with the participation of various stakeholders to the non-linear nature of technology adoption. This research-in-progress paper aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the recent shift from an outcome-based to a value-driven approach in systems development. This will be done by revisiting contemporary socio-material thought. Contributions originating from spatial theory supported by ethnographic material on citizen innovation enable new ways to gain insight to the nature of value. We argue that there is a need for an in-depth spatial and socio-technical exploration that can widen the scope of the Information Systems research agenda. It is our view that such a perspective can also contribute to organizational outcomes to support the creation of more inclusive, socially resilient urban environments.
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