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Mennella A.;Ade P.;Aumont J.;Banfi S.;Battaglia P.;Battistelli E.;Baù A.;Bélier B.;Bennett D.;Bergé L.;Bernard J.;Bersanelli M.;Bigot-Sazy M.;Bleurvacq N.;Bordier G.;Brossard J.;Bunn E.;Burke D.;Buzi D.;Buzzelli A.;Cammilleri D.;Cavaliere F.;Chanial P.;Chapron C.;Columbro F.;Coppi G.;Coppolecchia A.;Couchot F.;D’Agostino R.;D’Alessandro G.;De Bernardis P.;De Gasperis G.;De Leo M.;De Petris M.;Decourcelle T.;Del Torto F.;Dumoulin L.;Etchegoyen A.;Franceschet C.;Garcia B.;Gault A.;Gayer D.;Gervasi M.;Ghribi A.;Giard M.;Giraud-Héraud Y.;Gradziel M.;Grandsire L.;Hamilton J.;Harari D.;Haynes V.;Henrot-Versillé S.;Holtzer N.;Incardona F.;Kaplan J.;Korotkov A.;Krachmalnicoff N.;Lamagna L.;Lande J.;Loucatos S.;Lowitz A.;Lukovic V.;Maffei B.;Marnieros S.;Martino J.;Masi S.;May A.;McCulloch M.;Medina M.;Mele L.;Melhuish S.;Montier L.;Murphy A.;Néel D.;Ng M.;O’Sullivan C.;Paiella A.
Proceedings of Science
Qubic - the q&u bolometric interferometer for cosmology - a novel way to look at the polarized cosmic microwave background
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© Copyright owned by the author(s). In this paper we describe QUBIC, an experiment that takes up the challenge posed by the detection of primordial gravitational waves with a novel approach, that combines the sensitivity of state-of-the art bolometric detectors with the systematic effects control typical of interferometers. The so-called “self-calibration” is a technique deeply rooted in the interferometric nature of the instrument and allows us to clean the measured data from instrumental effects. The first module of QUBIC is a dual band instrument (150 GHz and 220 GHz) that will be deployed in Argentina during the Fall 2018.
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