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Kilgarriff P.;O'Donoghue C.;Charlton M.;Foley R.
International Journal of Microsimulation
Intertemporal income in Ireland 1996-2011 - A spatial analysis
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Income Inequality Intertemporal Microsimulation Small area
In this paper we employ a microsimulation approach to examine four census years (1996, 2002, 2006 & 2011). Using spatial microsimulation and GIS methods we create a spatially rich dataset for each year which is then used to create a spatial distribution of disposable income. The period covered in this paper is an important time in Ireland's history and this paper takes a spatial perspective on the significant changes in the landscape of disposable income. By adopting this approach we can examine if there are clear disparities between different areas of the country. From our results we have showed that there are significant differences in how regions have performed during this period 1996-2011. The major urban centres and hubs have outperformed the rural areas in terms of levels of disposable income. Even amongst urban areas, Dublin has outperformed all other areas becoming an outlier such is the difference in levels of disposable income. The Celtic Tiger, Property Bubble and Great Recession have all impacted on the different regions in different ways.
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