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Maccani G.;Donnellan B.;Helfert M.
AMCIS 2017 - America's Conference on Information Systems: A Tradition of Innovation
Adoption of open government data for commercial service innovation: An inductive case study on parking open data services
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Adoption Inductive Case Study Open Data Services
© 2017 AIS/ICIS Administrative Office. All Rights Reserved. City councils produce large amounts of data. As this data becomes available, and as information and communication technology capabilities are in place to manage and exploit this data, open government data is seen as becoming more and more valuable as a catalyst for service innovation and economic growth. Notwithstanding this, evidence of open data adoption is currently largely scattered and anecdotal. This is reflected in the lack of literature focusing on users of open data for commercial purposes. This research aims to address this gap and contributes to the IS open data services debate by proposing a model of factors perceived by an open data services business as the most relevant in explaining adoption of open government data for commercial service innovation in cities. Adopting an inductive reasoning approach through qualitative methods was critical to capture the complexity of the open data services ecosystem perceived by those reusing this data.
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