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Baiyere A.;Stikeleather J.;Smith C.;Hevner A.;Donnellan B.
2015 Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2015
Americas conference on information systems AMCIS 2014 Savannah, GA: Disruptive innovations and IT wicked yet empowering
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Blue ocean research Disruptive innovations IT innovations Wicked problems
When Information Technology (IT) Innovations become Disruptive Innovations (DI), they bring along with them a dimension of "wicked problems" due to their disruptive attributes; they however, concurrently usher in an "empowerment opportunity" due to the typical nature of advances in IT. The session would explore the opportunities that this phenomenon holds for both "Blue Ocean" research and practice by exploring its implications from three angles - individuals, organisations and the society. This panel is set out to open up a fresh perspective to this unique dimension of IT trends that holds both theoretical and practical insight for the IS field.
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