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Amina Adanan; Noelle Higgins
2016 Unknown
British Influences on International Law 1915-2015
Britain’s Influence on the Regulation of the Slave Trade in the Twentieth Century
BRILL/Martinus Nijhoff
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This chapter analyses how Britain shaped the current international legal regime regulating slavery during the 20th century up to the present day. It provides a brief historical account of Britain’s pioneering efforts to regulate the slave trade by means of bilateral treaties and the formulation of a right of search on the seas prior to the 20th century before focusing on Britain’s contribution to the drafting of the 1926 Slavery Convention and the 1956 Supplementary Convention at the League of Nations and the United Nations. The Chapter also addresses the reasons why Britain was at the forefront of the regulation of this area of law.
Robert McCorquodale and Jean-Pierre Gauci
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National University of Ireland / NUI
EJ Phelan Fellowship in International Law