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Strong, Thomas
Dispossession as historical allegory: Observing Dublin’s housing crisis
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activism, dispossession, Dublin, homeless, Ireland, property
Matters often thought to be private and domestic, such as the quiet and happy occupation of one’s home (and even the battle against the mold on its walls), erupt into public view, generating a genuine crisis of confidence in Ireland’s contemporary political economic order. Even as the country prepares democratically to elect a new president, the nature of Irish democracy is called into question by the perlocutionary affects and effects of public occupation, protest, and assembly (Butler 2015). More than a question of the political economy of sheltering a population, the crisis triggers questions about the moral compass of contemporary Irish culture in relation to its own history. The public is moved by a moral allegory of national struggle that connects contemporary housing politics to prior moments of domination and dispossession.
New York
Berghahn Books
Patrick Neveling
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