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Trappe, N;Bucher, M;De Bernardis, P;Delabrouille, J;Deo, P;De Petris, M;Doherty, S;Ghribi, A;Gradziel, M;Kuzmin, L;Maffei, B;Mahashabde, S;Masi, S;Murphy, JA;Noviello, F;O'Sullivan, C;Pagano, L;Piacentini, F;Piat, M;Pisano, G;Robinson, M;Stompor, R;Tartari, A;van der Vorst, M;Verhoeve, P
Next Generation Sub-millimetre Wave Focal Plane Array Coupling Concepts - An ESA TRP project to develop multichroic focal plane pixels for future CMB polarisation experiments.
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The main objective of this activity is to develop new focal plane coupling array concepts and technologies that optimise the coupling from reflector optics to the large number of detectors for next generation sub millimetre wave telescopes particularly targeting measurement of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB). In this 18 month TRP programme the consortium are tasked with developing, manufacturing and experimentally verifying a prototype multichroic pixel which would be suitable for the large focal plane arrays which will be demanded to reach the required sensitivity of future CMB polarization missions. One major development was to have multichroic operation to potentially reduce the required focal plane size of a CMB mission. After research in the optimum telescope design and definition of requirements based on a stringent science case review, a number of compact focal plane architecture concepts were investigated before a pixel demonstrator consisting of a planar mesh lens feeding a backend Resonant Cold Electron Bolometer RCEB for filtering and detection of the dual frequency signal was planned for manufacture and test. In this demonstrator the frequencies of the channels was chosen to be 75 and 105 GHz in the w band close to the peak CMB signal. In the next year the prototype breadboards will be developed to test the beams produced by the manufactured flat lenses fed by a variety of antenna configurations and the spectral response of the RCEBs will also be verified.
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