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Maccani, G;Helfert, M;Donnellan, B
Measuring and Capturing Green IT Knowledge in Scorecards - Green IT Balanced Scorecards
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Purpose - Recently there is much discussion that IT can be a major contribution of the solution in tackling climate change and sustainability. Among the topics currently under intense discussion is 'Green IT' with a view that IT primarily contributes to the problem. On the other hand, IT should also be viewed as part of the solution, through its appropriate usage. Awareness of Green IT and the adoption of an IT for Green view have increased in the last few years, however at the same time we can observe that there is a slow uptake of Green IT and related technologies and practices. Studies indicate that there is still a lack of guidelines on measuring tools, goals and embedded initiatives to be followed by organisations. In particular, there is a lack of an established approach that allows to capture and structure Green IT Knowledge. Such knowledge would be essential in order to advance the contribution of Green IT to organisations and the economy. In order to provide a reference approach for capturing Green IT Knowledge in this article we present a Balanced Scorecard for Green IT.Design/methodology/approach - In order to develop the Green IT Balance Scorecard we follow a design sciences research approach. Reviewing literature we have identified and classified initiatives in literature related to "being green" and sustainability. We have classified the initiatives in two areas: "Greening OF IT" and "Greening BY IT". Subsequently, within these initiatives we analysed benefits and how each concept contributes to adding value to the business under consideration and to reducing the environmental effect. From this, following the concept of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), we developed a Green IT BSC in order to define Green IT strategies and to provide a management framework for it. Following a Design Science Research Methodology (DSRM), we have then demonstrated the applicability of the approach through a Green IT survey and discussions with practitioners.Originality/value - The value of this contribution is twofold. It provides an analysis and summary of literature related to the concept of Green IT and IT for Green. Furthermore it provides a reference approach in form of a Green IT BSC, which can be applied to practice and research.Practical implications - The Green IT BSC can be used to capture and measure Green IT initiatives in organisations. It can be a useful tool for organisations.
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