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Swan, M., Holt, S. & Kirwan, G.
Journal of Social Work Practice
'Who do I turn to if something really bad happens?' Keyworking and Relationship Based Practice in Residential Child Care
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keyworking; key working; residential care; relationship based practice; young care leavers; continuity
This article explores the psychodynamics of relationship-based practice from the perspective of young people in residential care. This research involved qualitative semi-structured interviews with 10 care leavers, aged 18–24 years, who had been in residential care in Ireland. Drawing selectively from that research, this article reports their views and experiences of key-working and how relationship-based practice acted as a reparative method within their experiences of care and aftercare. Similar to previous research, this study underscores the necessity to ensure that children in care are cared for and supported by a trusted adult. In addition, based on this study, the role of a key worker appears capable of providing this ideal type of supportive relationship. It also highlights the importance of the care system working to provide consistency and support for the young people and confirms the importance of relationships with trusted adults, such as key workers.
Taylor & Francis, UK
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