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O'Neill, J. and Fitzsimons, C.
Precarious professionality: A review of the experiences and employment status of graduates of the Higher Diploma in Further Education at Maynooth University’s Department of Adult and Community Education (2013-2017)
Executive Briefing. Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland
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Further Education and Training, Precarious employment, ETBs
This mixed-method study explores the occupational outcomes and experiences of 110 graduates (2013-2017) from the Higher Diploma of Further Education. This Teaching-Council accredited programme is run by the Department of Adult and Community Education (DACE) at Maynooth University. Findings suggest that the programme has had a significant transformative impact on many graduates. It is also clear that precarious working cultures in further and adult education may be having an impact on career and professional development opportunities for graduates. The report contains a number of recommendations which relate to the opportunities, responsibilities and roles of graduates as a community of practice, DACE, professional bodies, unions and employers.
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