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Boduszek D.;Shevlin M.;Mallett J.;Hyland P.;O'Kane D.
Journal Of Criminal Psychology
Dimensionality and construct validity of the Rosenberg self-esteem scale within a sample of recidivistic prisoners
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Confirmatory factor analysis Construct validity Dimensionality Imprisonment Poland Prisoners Psychology Rosenberg self-esteem scale Self esteem
This study aims to examine the construct validity and factor structure of the Rosenberg self-esteem scale (RSES) using a sample (n=312) of Polish prisoners incarcerated in Nowogard High Security Prison. The number of confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) models under investigation was limited to two by virtue of employing a much stricter and more rigorously sound methodological procedure in which item errors were prevented from correlating, as suggested by Brown. Confirmatory factor analyses indicated that the two-factor (positive and negative self-esteem) model provided a better fit for the RSES items than did the one-factor model. The results provide some initial support for the two-dimensional model that could possibly be measuring substantively separate factors within a prison sample, thus calling into question the one-factor solution of the RSES. © 2012, Emerald Group Publishing Limited
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