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Niamh Flanagan
The Irish Social Worker
Collaboration in social workers’ information behaviour: A valuable asset for the profession
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Social Work; Collaboration; Information Behaviour
Social work today relies on the flow of good quality, reliable information to support practice. In order to maximise the profession’s relationship with information, understanding of social workers information behaviour is essential. Studying how social workers need, seek, acquire and use information to inform practice elucidates what works for practitioners in engaging with information. This article, drawn form a larger study of social workers’ information behaviour, highlights one of the key strategies of practitioners – collaboration. Participants in the study demonstrated a notable level of collaboration in the way they sought information, drawing on each other’s resources and knowledge. Information acquisition was characterised by a high level of information sharing, and even after information was acquired, onward sharing of information represented a characteristic of practitioners’ information usage. Capitalising on this practice of information collaboration, which is already embedded in the profession, represents a valuable asset for the professions’ engagement with information.
Majella Hickey, Frank Browne, Steven Peet
Irish Association of Social Work
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