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O'Toole, L.
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
A bioecological perspective on educational transition
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Bronfenbrenner transition
Experiences of educational transition have been identified in the literature as critical to the future educational success of children, and to their psychological and developmental well-being [1]. In spite of this, there is limited information on how families interact with educational establishments at times of transition, what measures encourage positive engagement, and how children and families experience transitions [2]. This paper reports the initial findings of a qualitative examination of two key periods of educational transition, preschool to primary school and primary school to secondary school. It explores the perspectives of children, teachers and parents in a case study primary school in Ireland, along with the three pre-schools that feed into it, and the two secondary schools into which it feeds. The theoretical framework for this research is provided by Bronfenbrenner’s Bio- ecological Model of Child Development, and presentation of findings is structured using Bronfenbrenner’s (1995 [3] Person- Process-Context-Time (PPCT) model.
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