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FINN, Josephine; FITZSIMONS, Camilla; GRUMMELL, Bernie and NOONE, Maggie
2018 Unknown
Die  Lifelong  Learning  Universität  der  Zukunft.  Institutionelle  Standpunkte aus der wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung
Difference and Inclusion in Higher Education: Integrating cultural diversity in lifelong learning
Munster/ New York
In Press
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This chapter explores how lifelong learning can support conditions for greater cultural diversity and inclusive learning in higher education. It is based on research emerging from an Erasmus+ funded project entitled Integrating Cultural Diversity in Higher Education (HE4u2)1. The project is based in a social justice perspective and its principal focus is to promote inclusion within higher education with an emphasis on the diverse experience of students from migrant backgrounds. We contend that recognition of difference is fundamental to the promotion of diversity and inclusion in higher education. In this chapter, we use Deleuze’s arguments about difference as a concept to unravel the discourses of difference evidenced in the HE4u2 research in order to explore their impact on learning in the formal and informal spaces of higher education.
Katharina  Resch, Elke Gornik and Nino Tomaschek
ISBNE-Book 978-3-8309-881
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