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Timoney, J.;, Lysaght, T.; Tshibasu C.
Digital Libraries for Musicology
'myTune': web vizulaization technologies for Irish traditional tune archives
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dlfm myTune web visualisations traditional irish
Kevin Page
Online digital music libraries have become important repositories for music for all enthusiasts of Irish traditional music. These libraries have certainly facilitated the discovery of new material and enabled extensive exploration of musical variations on well- known favorites. Current web interfaces to these repositories, offer a combination of text and notation-based information as well as providing audio and midi listening formats. However, these interfaces could take advantage of more recently available technologies offering graph-based, interactive, visual displays and more useful data analytic content. Drawing on the state-of the-art data visualization web libraries, the objective of this work is to present a prototype of a new digital library for Irish traditional music. The design and architecture is detailed using standard Unified Modelling Language (UML) notation. Evaluation is carried out by a usability survey to determine the effectiveness of the enhancements.
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