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Mary Boyle
Pilgrim Libraries Workshop
‘I wryte as I herde therof there, and sawe by wrytynge’: Pilgrims Re-presenting Pilgrims
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In my post for the Pilgrim Libraries blog, I outlined the chain of pilgrimage writing which, enabled by the new technology of print, links the Nuremberg merchant Hans Tucher and his travelling companion Sebald Rieter junior, through Bernhard von Breydenbach and Thomas Larke, to the Norfolk priest Richard Torkington. I also suggested the addition of Peter Fassbender, as well as noting the position of Arnold von Harff on the edge of this tradition. At the workshop in Rome, I would like to focus further on this pilgrim group, firstly by including Sebald Rieter senior, who wrote a fairly short account of his 1464 pilgrimage. Secondly I plan to consider Harff’s use of Breydenbach, looking at his textual and visual borrowings from Peregrinatio in terram sanctam, which differ from those of the other pilgrims. I would particularly welcome input from other workshop attendees on Harff’s use of images.
Pilgrim Libraries Network (Leverhulme)