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Mary Boyle
Leeds International Medieval Congress
Echoes from Mist-Land: The Anglophone ‘Nibelungenlied’ in the Nineteenth Century
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Twenty-first-century popular medievalism offers only the latest image in which the Middle Ages have been re-created for the modern world. As part of a post-doctoral project examining nineteenth-century cross-cultural medievalism, this paper looks at the early stages of Anglophone reception of the Middle High German ‘Nibelungenlied’. Nineteenth-century English translations of the text were once dismissed as ‘mirror[ing] the poem with a permanent factor of distortion’ (Hatto, 1969). My paper explores the causes, nature, and effects of this distortion in the adaptations, translations, analyses, and interpretations of the ‘Nibelungenlied’ left to us by nineteenth-century British and American female and male writers.
Participation funded by the Irish Research Council