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Paul Donovan, Na Fu
Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice
AOM Conference 2018
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Training is a key element in human resource management in improving employees’ knowledge, skills and capability. Training transfer, i.e. employees apply their knowledge acquired from the training into their workplace, is important for organization’s effectiveness and performance. Given its importance, several well-established theoretical models and a number of empirical studies have explored the key factors influencing training transfer effectiveness. These findings on a series of influential training transfer factors are very insightful for practitioners. However, HR practitioners rarely apply the theoretical models and research findings of training transfer in the workplace (Kennedy et al., 2014). One reason could be due to the practitioners’ lacking of understanding the key factors they should focus on among such a large set of profound factors in the literature. To better understand the key factors for training transfer effectiveness, we conducted a three-phase explorative study among practitioners. This was: (1) developing an original inventory of factors influencing training transfer using HR professionals’ opinions; (2) pilot testing the inventory among practitioners; and (3) testing the relationships between the factors and training transfer effectiveness in 15 organizations. The results are reported. Implications for theory and practice are discussed. Keywords: training transfer, tangible training transfer measure, practitioners