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Paul Donovan & Christina O'Connor
Management and Organisational Behaviour Teaching Society
Layering of the assessment process: the path to improved attendance, learning and engagement
Maynooth, Ireland
Oral Presentation
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This submission outlines the steps taken to put into effect a teaching and learning strategy leading to greater undergraduate student engagement and attendance in two final year business modules. The lack of student engagement and ‘creeping passivity’ has been problematic in the higher education (HE) classrooms. This has been characterised by student absenteeism and this feature was reported, on in an article by one of the authors published in a leading national quality newspaper. In this article, he described half-empty classrooms for much of the semester and sought solutions to this situation. This paper reports on one attempted solution involving a teaching and learning strategy designed to combat student disengagement and absenteeism. The target group was two undergraduate modules in third and final year of a business studies programme. The approach is also suitable for postgraduate students and should be applicable in a wide range of cultural settings but may require a certain degree of socialisation in situations where the approach may be uncommon.