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O' Brien, A.
Reporting Mental Health and Suicide: Challenges Facing Journalists
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Efforts to implement guidelines on suicide reporting in Ireland have largely been effective (Flynn, 2017). This offers a solid rationale for shifting focus away from media monitoring and reacting to negative reporting, in order to better develop outreach activities with media professionals. This will help to further encourage and support increased and more responsible reporting on mental health and suicide. In terms of designing a policy approach to proactive engagement with media industries, very little research attention has been paid to date to the broader media context in which stories on mental health and suicide are produced. The institutional, organisational, cultural and practical dimensions of media work, which shape the coverage that journalists offer, are all under-researched. In short, there is a need for a national study to unpack why coverage of mental health and suicide in Ireland occurs in the way it does, across print, broadcast and online media. This project addresses that gap by focusing on journalists’ understandings and experiences of mental health and suicide coverage in Ireland in order to assist Headline in developing a strategy towards increased engagement with media industries to better support responsible reporting.
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