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Nazarpour, A. Coughlan, J. Fynes, B.
The Impact of Mass Customisation Capability on Operational Performance Measures
Dublin, Ireland
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The aim of this research is to explore how different levels of Mass Customisation Capability (MCC) impact different levels of operational performance. The mass customisation literature debates on the impact of MCC on operational performance measures of quality, delivery, flexibility and cost. Using the cumulative capabilities perspective (the sand cone model), we intend to build on previous findings and further examine the relationships between mass customisation development levels of manufacturing plants and their operational performance levels. In particular, this study asks the following research question: RQ. What is the impact of MCC on different types of operational performance measures? In doing so, this study uses survey data from Fifth round of Global Manufacturing Research Group. We categorise manufacturing plants based on their MCC levels, namely: high MCC, medium MCC and low MCC. Subsequently, we run three models to examine impact of different levels of MCC on quality, delivery, flexibility and cost. Our preliminary analysis indicates that at certain levels of MCC, manufacturing plants can simultaneously achieve high levels of quality, delivery, flexibility and cost. This means that MCC levels can be used as predictors of operational performance measures. The findings of this study have important implications for both academic and practitioner’s communities.