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Sparkes HA;Krämer T;Brayshaw SK;Green JC;Weller AS;Howard JA;
Dalton Transactions
Experimental charge density study into C-C σ-interactions in a Binor-S rhodium complex.
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Transition-metal complexes containing (C-C)→M σ-interactions have potential applications in both catalysis and the activation and cleavage of C-C bonds. Fully characterising the bonding and interactions in complexes containing such (C-C)→M σ-interactions is vital to understand their chemical behaviour. As a result a high-resolution experimental X-ray charge density study has been undertaken on [Rh(Binor-S)(PCy(3))][HCB(11)Me(11)] (Binor-S = 1,2,4,5,6,8-dimetheno-s-indacene) which contains a (C-C)→Rh interaction. The data are analysed using Bader's "Atoms in Molecules" (AIM) approach with particular attention paid to the interactions around the rhodium centre. The results provide clear evidence for the σ(C-C)→Rh interaction in the solid-state which is classified as a weak covalent interaction. These results are supported by theoretical calculations.
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