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Stephen McCarron, Mudasar Saqab, Kieran Craven, Daniel Praeg, Benjamin Thebaudeau, Xavier Monteys
Quaternary ice sheet limits on the continental shelf west of Ireland.
20th Congress of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA)
Dublin, Ireland
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Recent investigations have shown that the continental shelf west of Ireland contains sedimentary landforms recording occupation by grounded, lobate ice sheet margins that extended from Ireland during at least the last glacial cycle. This paper reviews some of the offshore evidence of past glacial events available from high-resolution bathymetry, 2D/3D seismic datasets (Fig. 1), and shallow sediment cores providing information on the sedimentology, rheology and age of glacigenic stratigraphic units. The available data suggest that the continental shelf has been repeatedly occupied by tidewater ice margins characterised by ice streaming, possibly since the mid-Pleistocene transition. The offshore record provides as yet incomplete information on the extent and timing of glaciation from multiple centres of dispersal in Ireland. The dynamics of former ice sheets in Ireland, downwind of the climatically important central North Atlantic region, makes them of wider interest in the study of partially marine based ice sheet-ocean interactions in rapidly changing environments.