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Aphra Kerr
Cultural Production, platform logics and cultural diversity: insights from the Digital Games Industry
Communciation and Cultural Digital Platforms, IAMCR post-conference.
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In this paper I build upon theoretical and empirical research on cultural production in the creative and cultural industries, and the emerging literature of platform studies, to explore the emergence and influence of platforms on cultural production and cultural diversity in the past decade. More specifically it builds upon the tradition of ‘production logics’ (Miège 2011, 1989), and brings it into discourse with more recent work on platform economics (Codagnone, Karatzogianni, and Matthews 2019 , Srnicek 2017) and platformisation in digital media (Nieborg and Poell 2018, Gerlitz and Helmond 2013). The paper will focus specifically on the changing logics and practices in the videogames industry.