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Bottini C.;Khajavi M. J.;Gonzalez J.
International Journal of Visual Design
Comparing the effects of animated and static logos on viewers' attitudes toward a brand: A pilot study
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Animated Logo Animation Brand Attitude Brand Identity Logo Logo Animation Logo Design
© Common Ground Research Networks, Cinzia Bottini, M. Javad Khajavi, Juan Camilo Gonzalez, All Rights Reserved. Extensive studies have been conducted to test ideas about logos in branding and communication. While many of these studies have concentrated on static logos and on what constitutes a logo, there is an overwhelming lack of academic research on an important aspect of branding practices: animated logos. Previous research on logo animation has concentrated on the effectiveness of agent animation; that is animation in which objects seem to have life-like movement in creating brand personality. This research adds to the emerging literature on the topic by conducting an empirical study. In this research, an experiment was conducted and quantitative data were collected using a questionnaire. The goal was to test if the animated logos differ from the static ones in terms of generating positive affect and providing clues to understand the services provided by the company. Such results could be of interest not only to motion graphics designers and animators, who develop static or animated logos, but also to scholars of such diverse fields as art and design, psychology, and marketing. The outcomes of this research could also be useful for improving companies' branding strategies.
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