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Niamh Flanagan & Valerie Richardson
Unmarried Mothers: A Social Profile
Social Science Research Centre UCD & Social Work Research Unit, National Maternity Hospital
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Unmarried Mothers; Lone Parents; Single Parents
Since the late 1950s the number of children delivered to unmarried women in Ireland has increased tenfold. In the same period the number of children placed for adoption doubled initially, then returned to the level of the 1950s. While such trends come as no surprise they tell little, if anything, about the mothers involved. This study looks beyond the macro trends to examine the social profile of a significant group in Irish society. Using national and international data and a study population of over 5,000 unmarried women who delivered in the National Maternity Hospital Dublin, the study documents the parenting decision, parental awareness and support, the women's relationships with their partners and other issues
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