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Burke, J. & Passmore, J.
2019 Unknown
Positive psychological interventions: Approaches to capacity development with multi-cultural contexts
Strength-based coaching - A positive psychology intervention
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strengths coaching, VIA, StrengthsFinder, StrengthScope, Strengths cards
Strengths approaches have grow in popularity over the past decade, with a profileration of writing, models and questionnaires used for strengths assessment and in coaching. These questionnaires include including VIA, Strengthscope and StrengthsFinder and Strengths Profile. The questionnaires have become a popular intervention for consultants, HR professionals and executive coaches for adding both personal development and coaching, to assisting with recruitment and selection. We will briefly review in the first section of this chapter three popular questionnaires, considering their development and constructs. In the second section we will explore positive psychology coaching as an intervention using questionnaires and strengths cards, before reviewing the research evidence and opportunities for future research.
van Zyl, L. & Rothmann, S.
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