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Burke, J.
2020 Unknown
Positive psychology: Latest research and practice
Positive Cyberpsychology: A conceptual framework of an emerging field
Palgrave McMillan
Basingstoke, UK
In Press
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positive psychology, cyberpsychology, smartphone well-being scale, technology wellbeing
Positive Cyberpsychology is a new field created by the overlapping disciplines of positive psychology and cyberpsychology. Positive psychology is a science of optimal human functioning, and specifically, the study of subjective experiences, such as well-being or hope, positive traits and positive institutions. Cyberpsychology, on the other hand, is a field encompassing the psychological phenomenon associated with the affect, attitudes and behaviours displayed online and via technological tools, as well as the impact of online interaction and technological inventions on human beings. The current chapter will offer a conceptual framework for studying and researching the emerging field of Positive Cyberpsychology. It will review the latest developments in relation to (1) the technology assisting in direct improvement of individual’s and group’s wellbeing and optimal human functioning; (2) the positive subjective experiences and impact of technology on individuals and groups; (3) the positive subjective experiences and impact of online content on individuals and groups. In addition to this, a new scale, Smartphone Well-being Scale (SWS) is introduced, which offers a positive-cyber-psychology perspective on using smartphones. The current chapter will contribute to creating the first conceptual framework of the Positive Cyberpsychology field, as well as become a starting point for developing further research in this area.
Kostik, A. & Chadee, D.
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