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Condon, Denis
Stealing Cinema: Juvenile-Delinquent Media in 1910s Ireland
15th Irish Screen Studies Seminar
NUI Galway
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Some members of the poor and working class choose illegal or otherwise unorthodox ways of interacting with cinema as it became an increasingly dominant part of Ireland’s popular culture in the 1910s but a part to which they had unequal access. In one particularly interesting case in 1918, four boys stole reels of film from a local picture house in order to set up their own cinema in an abandoned slum building. Cases such as these allowed the press to continually characterize cinema as a juvenile-delinquent medium in need of control to the chagrin of an industry determined to reap the rewards of respectability. Focusing in particular on the moral panic around the supposedly increasing working-class criminality engendered by cinema-going, this paper will use these cases to discuss methods for researching popular-media audiences of the period and the complex way in which they interacted with cinema