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Mandatory Fields
Till, Karen E.
2019 December
Every Single Morning
Martina O'Brien's Quotidian: Citizen-Scientists and Centres of Calculation
Creative Ireland Kildare County Council Arts Services
In Press
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art and geography, citizen-scientists
Martina O’Brien’s seven-channel video Quotidian takes us on a journey through interconnected temporal-spatial networks of people, technologies, and matter involved in recording our daily ‘weather’. The artist's vigilant camera attends to the changing social relations and technological structures of science infrastructures. These juxtapositions within and across scenes beautifully depicts Bruno Latour’s complex discussion about the historical emergence of scientific ‘centres of calculation’. By accumulating, archiving, stabilising and re-circulating scientific data about weather, the archives, weather observers, technologies, data storage centres, and gardens depicted in Quotidian, are where new scientific knowledges about climate change are produced. Big data centres of calculation cannot exist without the historical creation of well-functioning webs of people, objects, and matter. Quotidian captures the range of scientific relations and movements that include intimate, personal stories tied to recording and observing weather, as well as the automated possibilities of supercomputer data storage and transfer.
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Creative Ireland