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Steve Coleman
Third Annual Joe Heaney memorial Lecture,
What is the “life” in “living culture”?
Galway, NUIG
Invited Lecture
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What will Ireland look like in 2119? If current trends continue it might strongly resemble the Connemara of 1919 – the land stripped to bare rock by ecological disaster and a hyper-exploitative social system. As we celebrate Joe Heaney’s 100th anniversary, let us consider himself, and the writer Máirtín Ó Cadhain, as members of a distinguished lineage of indigenous spokespeople who issue warnings to the world based on the experience and wisdom of their own local societies. Both Ó hÉinniú and Ó Cadhain counterposed the desperate social history of their places with what they both termed “life” - the vitality of community which goes beyond the human to embrace an alternative vision of the world.
Arts Council as part of Arts in Action, Gaillimh 2020