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Karimikia H.;Donnellan B.
25th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2019
The impact of IT boundary spanners’ activities on citizens’ perception of smart IT services and smart IT projects success
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Boundary-spanning perspective IT functions Smart IT projects
© 2019 Association for Information Systems. All rights reserved. Delivering smart IT projects involves a great number of actors collaborating and sharing knowledge with one another to launch smart IT projects and roll out smart IT services. Thus, this makes a new social milieu of boundary-spanning activities carried out by IT functions of a city and IT firms on complementing and delivering smart IT services. While boundary-spanning activities within organizational contexts have been well-studied, few researchers have examined the activities of boundary spanners across organizations in a municipal context. We draw on the concept of boundary spanning to investigate how the actions of IT functions facilitate the delivery of smart projects. This study aims at exploring how IT functions and societal stakeholders collaborate with each other, and educate citizens on the use of smart services. Therefore, it makes more likely for citizens to engage in using smart IT services, thereby resulting in smart IT project success.
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