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Afanasyev P.;Ramabadran P.;Mohammady S.;Farrell R.;Dooley J.
Proceedings of European Microwave Conference in Central Europe, EuMCE 2019
Phase-only digital predistortion technique for class-e outphasing power amplifiers
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Class-E Nonlinearity Outphasing amplifier Power amplifiers Predistortion
© 2019 EuMCE. Efficient and linear power amplifiers (PA) are an essential part of forthcoming 5G wireless systems. Outphasing class-E PAs offer high power efficiency and an option for higher efficiency cellular networks. However, they employ signal component separators, which split the signal into two paths. In order to efficiently recombine the signal, nonlinear power combiners are used. This paper proposes a novel phase-only predistortion technique for outphasing class-E PAs. The predistortion coefficients can be extracted based on AMAM characteristics of the output signal and an analytical model of an outphasing Class E PA. The suggested technique has been validated by simulation of an outphasing power amplifier in ADS Ptolemy software. It is shown that applying this technique to a 16QAM OFDM modulated signal with 20 MHz bandwidth improves error vector magnitude (EVM) from 10.39% to 2.43% compared to the signal without predistortion.
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