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Mandatory Fields
Gordon Campbell
2018 Unknown
Animal: Exploring the Zoological World, Phaidon Press, London, 2018
Anon., The Uffington White Horse; Anon., Dragon from the Ishtar Gate, Babylon; Anon., Lion, Leopard and Hare, from Tractatus de Herbis c. 1440; Beatus of Liébana, Noah’s Ark, from Beatus Super Apocalypsim; Ogawa Haritsu (Ritsuō), Bird; Al-Jahiz, Giraffe, from Kitāb al-Hayawān; Anon., ‘White Horse of Uffington’; Sebastian Münster, ‘Monstra marina & terrestria, quae passim in partibus aquilonis inueniuntur’; Anon., Capitoline She-Wolf; Piero di Cosimo, The Forest Fire, The Hunt, and Return from the Hunt; Kawanabe Kyosai, Fox Catching a Bird; Anon., The Ram in the Thicket, Ur; Phidias, Horse Head from the Parthenon Sculptures; Anon., Magerius Mosaic; Kleitias, Calydonian Boar Hunt, from the Francois Vase; Wenceslaus Hollar, A Griffin; Anon., Blue Monkeys Fresco, Akrotiri; Anon., Monkey, Nazca Lines, Peru; Anon., Orpheus Taming Wild Animals, fresco, Edessa; Anon., Cernunnos, Panel A from the Gundestrup Cauldron
Phaidon Press
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