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Gordon Campbell
2019 Unknown
Anatomy: Exploring the Human Body, Phaidon Press, London, 2019
'The Hopewell Hand', Ohio Hopewell Culture; 'Coldstream Burial Stone', South Africa; 'Nabulwinjbulwinj', by Nayombolmi (‘Barramundi Charlie’), Kakadu National Park, Australia; 'Hand of Colossal Statue of Constantine', Rome; 'Female Acrobat', by the Foundling Painter, Campanian ware vase; 'Ani’s Judgment', Egyptian Book of the Dead; Anatomical chart from the Blue Beryl, Tibetan, c.1705, by Sangye Gyatso; Votive Tongue and Tonsils, Roman, terracotta, 400 BC-200 AD; Diseases and organs treated by a vodun practitioner, Benin, painted wall panels, c. 2010; Al-Bīrūnī, Caesarian Section, Al-Athār al-Bāqiyah `an al-Qurūn al-Khāliyah (The Remaining Signs of Past Centuries), by Al-Bīrūnī, Persian, AD 1000; Treatment for luxation of the vertebrae, illustration from Serafeddin Cerrahiyetü'l Haniyye (Imperial Surgery), Turkey, 1465.
Phaidon Press
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