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Byrne, D., Burke, N.,Dempsey, M., O'Shea, A., & Rickard, A.
FaSMEd Position Paper Low-Attaining Learners in Science and Mathematics
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This paper considers mathematics and science attainment in the context of the countries participating in the FaSMEd project, the full title of which is Improving Progress for Lower Achievers through Formative Assessment in Science and Mathematics Education (FaSMEd). The project aims to research the use of technology in formative assessment classroom practices in ways that allow teachers to respond to the emerging needs of low achieving learners in mathematics and science so that they are better motivated in their learning of these important subjects. This article explores the profile of likely underachievers in these subjects, drawing on the international literature. To begin with we will examine definitions or ‘benchmarks’ of low attainment which may be useful for the FaSMEd partners. We will consider two elements of low attainment, namely achievement and participation in STEM in schools before examining in more detail some of the causes of low attainment.
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EU Framework Programme 7