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Afanasyev P.;Ramabadran P.;Farrell R.;Dooley J.
17th IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference, NEWCAS 2019
Nonlinearity Modeling of Chireix Outphasing Power Combiner under Amplitude Imbalance
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behavioral modelling Chireix nonlinear circuit outphasing amplifier power amplifiers
© 2019 IEEE. This work proposes a concise standalone model for Chireix power combiner. The model is based on the analysis of the nonlinear behaviour of a Chireix power combiner under amplitude imbalance. The generalised equations for input impedance of Chireix combiner branches excited by signals with different amplitudes have been derived. The results predicted by the model were validated using both commercial high frequency circuit simulations and experimentally measured results. As a result the proposed model serves two purposes. For one it can be used directly in a larger circuit simulation to predict the performance of an outphasing power amplifier. It can also be used as the basis for a linearization strategy for outphasing power amplifiers.
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