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Online Database
Khajavi, M. J.
Database of Text-based Animated Media Production
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Animation, text-based art, time-based art, temporal typography, animated calligraphy
Founded in 2019 at the same time with the publication of the book, Arabic Script in Motion: A Theory of Temporal Text-based Art, ACVD is a growing and leading resource that showcases various examples of time-based calligraphic art and temporal Arabic typography. ACVD is dedicated to fostering awareness and scholarship of temporal Arabic text-based art, including calligraphic animation, animated typography, animated fonts and temporal calligaphic art. The collection is available to artists, designers, scholars and educational institutions, cultural institutions and alternative exhibitors. The Animated Calligraphy Video Database (ACVD) is committed to fostering awareness and scholarship of the history and contemporary practices of time-based calligraphic art and temporal typography written in the Arabic alphabet, to promoting temporal text-based art and artworks represented in the ACVD collection, to providing access to the collection, and to assuring the growth of the collection for the use of artists, designers and scholars.
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