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Catherine Leen and Niamh Thornton
2020 March
The Routledge Handbook on Culture and Media of the Americas
Public Intellectuals
New York
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Americas, essay, identity, public intellectuals, migration, postcolonialism, transnationalism.
This chapter provides a brief introduction to key figures in the history and politics of the Americas, from the era of Independence to the 21st century, and to the determination of writers to communicate publicly and engage politically. The term public intellectual is defined broadly to include activists, academics, artists, and writers. Of course, this survey will not be an exhaustive list of all public intellectuals concerned with the Americas. Instead, the entry seeks to provide an overview of some notable figures whose work is associated with key forms that have attempted to define the myriad identities of the Americas and the relationship between the region and the wider world, thus examining the works of these public intellectuals through a transnational, translocal lens.
Wilfried Raussert, Giselle Liza Anatol, Sebastian Thies, Sarah Corona Berkin, José Carlos Lozano
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