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Trevor vaugh, Threase Kessie
Maynooth University Innovation Lab: Fostering Sustainability in the Higher Education Sector through Design-Thinking –A Practice Paper. *Awarded Best Paper
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Design-thinking, Co-Creation, Innovation, Sustainable education.
The Higher Education (HE) sector in Ireland is facing a crisis point. More students than ever seeking to avail of HE. Class sizes are growing faster than ever before. The post-degree employment landscape is changing dramatically. Financial and social pressures are mounting. In order to ensure the sustainability of the system as a whole, it is essential that we address these challenges directly, to create an education system which responds to the needs of all its users. This practice paper outlines the mindset that drove the foundation of Maynooth University Innovation Lab (Mi:Lab), which received funding from the Higher Education Authority’s Innovation and Transformation fund 2018. It’s mission is to unlock the collaborative creative potential of the University to co-create solutions to the challenges facing HE. Through design-thinking, and adopting a collaborative approach, where students and University staff work in collaboration, Mi:Lab aims to use the collective creative talent of the University to create innovative solutions to ensure the sustainability of HE in Ireland, and on the wider, global level.
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Higher Education Authority
Innovation and Transformation Fund