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Dempsey, M., and Burke, J.
Rapid response to Covid-19-related school closures: Diverging from traditional teaching & learning approaches.
Kaleidoscope 2020 Inclusive Ways of Knowing: Diverging from Tradition
University of Cambridge
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Notwithstanding the multitude of past school closures caused by catastrophic events, such as typhoons, tornados or contagions, very little is known about the actions taken by leaders and the divergent teaching and learning approaches applied during a school rapid response to those circumstances, which is what the current study addressed. Two weeks after the school closure caused by the spread of Covid-19, a total of 2, 808 primary school leaders in the Republic of Ireland were surveyed about actions they had taken to ensure the continuity of pupils’ learning (Burke & Dempsey, 2020). This presentation will report on the quantitative and qualitative data relating to their immediate response to the sudden school closures, and the diverse approach to teaching and learning that had to be taken, specifically their (1) schools’ readiness to engage with distance learning and divergent methods of engagement, (2) changes to the curriculum, (3) communication platforms used in a crisis situation, and (4) new approach to wellbeing provision for pupils, teachers and school leaders. Implications of the study are discussed, and recommendations made as to what contingency plans can be put in place to ensure continuity of learning during a temporary school closure.