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Pezzutto M.;Tramarin F.;Dey S.;Schenato L.
Adaptive transmission rate for LQG control over Wi-Fi: A cross-layer approach
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Control over wireless LQG Packet loss Rate selection Wi-Fi
© 2020 Elsevier Ltd This work studies the problem of LQG control when the link between the sensor and the controller relies on a Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, the communication on a wireless medium is sensitive to noise in the transmission band, which is characterized by the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). Wi-Fi allows to switch among different bit-rates in real-time thus permitting to trade-off lower loss probabilities for larger latency or vice-versa to achieve better closed-loop performance. To exploit this feature, under a constant SNR scenario, we propose a cross-layer approach where the bit-rate is optimally selected based on a control performance metric (i.e. minimum LQG cost) and a model-based controller is used to compensate for the packet losses. Under time-varying SNR, we additionally propose a (sub-optimal) on-line rate adaptation strategy and we guarantee the closed-loop stability under some mild conditions. Numerical comparisons with emulation-based approaches using TrueTime, a realistic Matlab-based Wi-Fi simulator, are included to show the benefits of the adaptive approach under time-varying SNR scenarios.
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