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D. Ferri
European Journal of Risk Regulation
The Role of EU State Aid Law as a “Risk Management Tool” in the COVID-19 Crisis
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This article discusses the role of EU State aid law in the COVID-19 crisis. It contends that different Treaty derogations have played unique roles in addressing the core determinants of the economic risk linked to the pandemic - i.e. the “exposure” to lockdown measures and the “vulnerability” of certain sectors to them - and in increasing the resilience of national economies. Moreover, this article discusses the extent to which EU State aid law has also been used to manage and mitigate health risks, by allowing Member States to enhance the preparedness and capacity of their healthcare sector (broadly conceived) to respond to the pandemic. On the whole, this article maintains that State aid control has been used by the European Commission as an important “risk management tool”, and highlights the role of the Commission as the crisis-management authority.
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