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Mandatory Fields
Dempsey, M & and O'Shea, A.
Evaluation Report on the Algebra Project in Ireland
Maynooth University
Optional Fields
Algebra; mathematical teaching; games; understanding; activity; evaluation
The Algebra Project in Ireland (API) study was a year-long initiative funded by SFI through the SFI Discover Call 2015 scheme and sponsored by the NCCA and the Kildare Education Centre. Additional support for the project came from the PDST and KWETB. The initiative took place in 2016 and continued into 2017, and comprised of three parts - at primary level, post-primary level and at university level. The aim of the project was to introduce the curriculum and pedagogy of the US Algebra Project to Irish teachers (both in-service and pre-service) and students in order to develop mathematical teaching and learning. In this report, we describe the project in detail, and present data from the evaluation carried out by researchers at Maynooth University.
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National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA)