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Flynn, Sharon; Purser,Lewis; Trench Bowles Nora; Byrne, Julie; Hamill, David; O’Connor, Kevin; Lowney, Rob; Stone, Suzanne; Molloy, Kate; Moloney, David; Munro, Morag; O’Connor, Marian; O’Reilly, Mairéad; O’Mara, Tom; O’Callaghan, Clíodhna
2020 European Learning & Teaching Forum
Enhancing digital capacity in teaching and learning in Ireland: a national approach
Utrecht University, Netherlands
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Enhancing Digital Capacity in Teaching and Learning in Irish Universities” is a three-year project that aims to mainstream digital approaches in teaching and learning across the seven Irish universities by addressing the professional development of all who teach. The sectoral project is underpinned by national and European policy objectives and social and economic needs. The direction and activities of the project are based on four underlying principles: that there is substantial existing work and activity in each of the participating universities which should be built upon; that engagement at the level of disciplines is key for meaningful and sustainable change to the practices of individuals and to have an impact on learning; that pedagogy must be privileged over technology; and that student partnership is essential. A pilot phase of the project runs from June to December 2019, during which staff who teach have the opportunity to reflect on current digital competences, avail of consultation, support and training from the embedded programme supports, and to plan improvements and teaching interventions for the future.