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Munro, Morag and Dignam, Barbara
QQI Conference: Exploring Models of Success: Professional Development of Higher Education, Further Education and Training, and English Language Education Staff
MAPpd: a toolkit for mapping programmes and modules to the National PD Framework
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This poster will provide an overview of the MAPpd toolkit for mapping programmes/modules to the National Professional Development Framework for all those who teach in Higher Education (PD Framework) and will describe how the MAPpd tools may be used by HEIs who wish to align accredited professional development programmes in learning and teaching with the PD Framework. In 2017, Maynooth University's Centre for Teaching and Learning with supporting funds from the National Forum’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2016, undertook a comprehensive review of its accredited professional development programmes in teaching and learning, in order to fully align them with the PD Framework. An outcome of this thorough benchmarking and consultation process is MAPpd: an alignment toolkit comprised of resources and a suite of outcomes-based evaluative tools aimed at supporting institutions or programme teams who wish to align their teaching and learning programmes with the PD Framework. Three versions of MAPpd are available: one high level, broad-based version, and two enhanced versions focused on programme and module levels. The MAPpd tools are licenced by Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 and are freely available at
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