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Baiyere, A;Venkatesh, V;Donnellan, B;Tabet, S;Topi, H
IoT - Towards a Research Agenda for Information Systems
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There has been different technological innovation wave in history that redefines and reshapes our societal makeup, internet of things (IoT) is emerging with a tendency to be the next wave. The emerging wave of IoT heralds a digital era with impact and influence yet to be fully ascertained. This provides unique opportunity for scholarly enquiry particularly for information system scholars. IS is a domain seating at the junction between technology, business and societal application of IT - which are also three indicative characteristics of IoT innovations. These connections between the field and IoT plus IoT's potential for significant impact, suggests that studying IoT from an IS perspective is an endeavor worth pursuing. This panel is therefore setup to highlight possible research directions from which IoT can be studied in the discipline. Threats, opportunities, limitations and general implications of IoT are to be explored from both a practice and research perspective.
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